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From the vernissage

klaus kinski

A fierce jungle collage with parrot and temple dancer, Klaus Kinski, a delicate watercolor of a winter landscape, the King of Pop as an oil painting, a burning luxury sledge, a landscape in action, ornate wooden icons – painted in oil on gold leaf – bringing a medieval touch into the one modern exhibition. Some motifs from Gripsholm Castle give an indication of who is exhibiting here: the Swedish Artists’ Academy of the town of Strängnäs is currently on display in the Rheinsberger Remise with works by 27 of its members.

Among the artists are some autodidacts and also professionals who live by their art. “There is really something for everyone,” says Rheinsberg Mayor Jan-Pieter Rau in his opening speech.
The cooperation of the partner cities – including in the artistic sector – has a long tradition. In 1999 Rheinsberger artists exhibited in Mariefred. In 2012 Rheinsberg participated in the Mariefred’s pottery market.

The exhibition is open until 11 December, in the Rheinsberg Remise, Germany

Excerpt from the Märkische Allgemeine, September 26th 2016
For the original text please click here.


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